Liam Gallagher says he’d legalise drugs if he was Prime Minister

Liam Gallagher has declared his first mission if he was Prime Minister – legalising and improving the quality of drugs in the UK.

“I’d legalise drugs because they are shocking these days,” the ‘One of Us’ singer told Mr Porter in a new interview. “Improve the quality and make some money out of it. Get the Peruvian back. ‘Cos at the moment, I’m not enjoying the quality of the drugs.”

In the interview, which also touched on Noel’s daughter Anaïs being brought into their recent feuding, Liam commented on the difference between rock ‘n’ roll nightlife now and in the 90s.

“I remember the 1990s and it was full of cunts back then. Now it’s full of cunts who want your picture with a phone camera. But now the drugs have got worse, so it’s full of cunts with cameras and shit drugs.”

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