The Framework That You Move In: Pitou Interviewed

Photo credit: Pablo Cepeda

We are busy making plans. At every juncture of human experience, from idle weekends in the pub to the juddering rattle and collapse of Tuesday’s train commute, life reels out before us in a series of events that repeatedly fall short of our expectations.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? Berlin, perhaps, or Montreal. Maybe I’ll be exactly where I am now, sat in the window of an empty café in the Netherlands.

Across the table from me, Dutch artist Pitou is gazing into her coffee. She’s not keen on grand plans these days. “Being in the same city for a long time can be… well, we say kader in Dutch, the framework that you move within,” she explains. Pitou recently moved to Belgium, away from her native Holland, where she’s trying to find a new perspective. It seems to be working out for her.

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